SaSo, I have a ton of spicy peppers from my garden, I can’t eat them all and I’m afraid they will go bad, what should I do?


Never fear, Pepperman is here!

Let’s make Peppermash.

Go by some mason jars, or if you have empty glass jars from pasta sauce or whatever, those are fine too. Grab a blender or food processor, white vinegar and Kosher Salt. I tend to keep my peppers separate (jalapenos, separate from serranos, ghost, scorpion, cayenne, etc), But you can get crazy and combine them, up to you. Just be sure you label accordingly. Add the peppers to the blender, for every 10 peppers add about ½ cup of white vinegar and about 1.5 TB of salt. Blend well, it should be chunky, if you need to add a little bit more vinegar this is fine. Add to jar and seal up. I store mine either in my fridge or a dark back corner of the pantry. Do your best to fill them to the top as this will prevent air/spoilage. These will last you for months!

Here is a picture of my last mash, believe these are cayenne, I did a gallon worth.