founderI love food. No, seriously, I love food.

If I didn’t have anything else to do, I’d never stop eating.

My love of food comes from my family. Food was, and continues to be, a big part of our traditions. It is as much about the conversation, fellowship and camaraderie as it is about the meals. Growing up, meals were simple, but always fresh and plentiful. I was born in Chicago and fortunately, my parents were into exposing the family to different types of food from different nationalities. I spent my middle school through college years in Texas. You can cast whatever judgment you want, but there is no better Barbecue and Mexican food in the country.

In college I worked in a restaurant and began to learn food preparation, flavor combination, and presentation. Cooking for me became not just a job, but a hobby, and then a passion. In 2000, I moved to Northern California, the mecca of all things food & wine. During my nine years there I was fortunate enough to experience some of the most amazing food in the world. More importantly, I increased my understanding of what it truly means to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients. During that time, my wife and I ate (she would say traveled) our way around Europe…twice. Trips to Bali and Thailand cemented my love of intense flavors and cooking techniques.

SaSo was originally a dream, a thought, and a wish. “You should open a restaurant!” “You should bottle your sauces!” “You should be on Iron Chef!” (just kidding about Iron Chef).

Following countless hours of hard work along with support from family, friends and a handful of favors – SaSo is officially born. People ask me “what do you like to cook?” or “what influences you?” Take the culture of Chicago, add a heavy dose of BBQ and TexMex sprinkled with the seasonal and fresh ingredients of Northern California and a touch of international influence and there you go.

My goal is to create and sell great sauces, and to make your food better. I told you I love food, but there’s nothing I LOVE more than when people tell me they love SaSo. SaSo is for you.

Have a question about peppers, cooking, food in general? ASK SASO