Jonathan Waller

Snooze Eatery

“After meeting Matt and immediately discovering the ‘delicious with integrity’ behind the Saso brand, found that it rang familiar to what we were trying to do, that is make an amazing product using the very best of ingredients consistently to create a genuine and exceptional product that our guests could not be without. Well upon embarkment of our partnership we have had nothing but rave reviews about how well Saso pairs with our offerings and it has even made me the biggest cheerleader of them all. If I may offer a recommendation… Get Some!”


Rayme Rossello


“For the first 4.5 years of being in business I adamantly refused to serve any hot sauce or salsa at Comida that wasn’t made in house. That changed when I tasted the flavors of SaSo hot sauce. The flavors are real and rich and a great compliment to our menu. I waited until I found something I felt as proud to serve as what we make ourselves, and SaSo is just that!”


Josh Pollack

Rosenberg’s Bagels

“Saso has the best hot sauces in Colorado! 

I not only use the Chili Pequin on a few of our specialty sandwiches, I discovered how well the Salsa Verde goes on our smoked salmon.  It’s ridiculously amazing! 

Keep up the good work fellas!”


Christin Marvin

Snooze Eatery

Our guests and team cannot get enough of the Saso goodness. Every single sauce they offer from the K180 to the Strawberry Habanero is fresh, bright and full of flavor and spice.  It is such a pleasure working with Matt, Brian and the entire Saso team. We love being able to offer a local hot sauce that we can’t keep on our dining room tables.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews

Chile Pequin Pepper Sauce

“Savory…awesome…incredible. I love it. Highly recommended.”

Bill Moore

Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews

Red Pepper Chipotle Pepper Sauce

“Oh man… rich, savory roasted taste… wow this stuff is really great. It is a flavor bomb. Highly recommended.”

Bill Moore

Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews

Strawbanero Pepper Sauce

“Wow. Just perfectly blended. You get a nice, fresh strawberry flavor. Highly recommended — 9 out of 10!”

Norfolk Chillihead

The Chili Channel

K-180 Hot Sauce

“It’s a fiery, pleasant, but manageable heat. The favor is tomatoey, garlicky…there’s sweetness in there. It’s damn tasty.”


Cooks Fresh Market Team

Cook’s Fresh Market

“One of the easiest sells in our market, you can see the flavors bursting thru the glass jar!”


Wyatt Ogilvy

Ogilvy Consulting

“I love sharing the unique flavors SaSo sauces add to a diverse range of dishes with friends and family.  Their elegant holiday boxes make for a distinctive gift, which are always well received by our key business relationships each holiday season.”


Jeremy Radcliffe

Salient Partners

“SaSo products are high quality (taste and packaging), unique and affordable, which make them perfect for business gifts. Your prospects and clients won’t forget SaSo, and they won’t forget you.”


Mike Mansell


“Matthew is so creative – I always love getting his perspective and guidance on all things new at SASO.  He continues to delight year in and year out with timely deliveries and flawless customer service. This year’s Chile Pequin, Strawbanero, Red Pepper Chipotle were above and beyond as always.”